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What makes a central vacuum system cleaner & better than a portable vacuum?

Central Vacuum                                                 Portable Vacuum

          -Only a light hose to carry around                              -Heavy and difficult to carry up and down floors

-Retractable hoses available too                                                 -Minimal cleaning capabilites

-Better air qaulity and filtration system                              -Gets dirty easily and basic filtration

-Works well on all floor surfaces                                                          -Only good for carpets

-Extremely quiet with impeccable power                           -Loud and noisy with minimal power

-High capacity recipticle (25L)                                                      -Low capacity recipticle (8L)

-DURABLE AND LONG LASTING                                                                                                      

Installations of Central Vaccums are quick, simple and easy too!

Central vacuum units are usually installed in the garage or basement. There is a piping system that is then installed in the floors and walls of the home. The piping system is connected to inlets that are placed strategically throughout the home for easy use.

  • At Green Vision Products, we provide central vacuum installations to both new and old homes.
  • We deliver, install and setup your complete central vacuum system
  • We also service Central Vacuums and provide options to upgrade
  • We carry all the best brands for Central Vacuums along with parts and accessories             

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